Our History

With an enthusiasm of plasming a dream, NOR3PERU  established in the city of Lima, on October 20th, 2016 –  for exporting of  fresh, dry or canned agricultural produce, mainly grown from the northern part of Peru. In 2017, NOR3PERU dedicated to export dried beans, such as pigeon peas, Lima beans, black peas, black eyed beans and others. In 2018, NOR3PERU imported packaging material for exporters of fresh produce. But it is from 2019 that NOR3PERU becomes part of the Mayan Sweet export program of sweet onions for the US, becoming an agro – export producer and a socially responsible company in the area of ​​Oberazal and Tejada in the district of Olmos, province and Lambayeque department. Likewise, NOR3PERU starts its Global Gap and FSMA certification process. First, with the training and accreditation of its personnel as FSMA auditors and then, with the pre-audits to the NOR3PERU production and packaging operations.

Vision and Mission

Our vision: For the next 5 years NOR3PERU will achieve a market positioning in the international markets as the best Peruvian agro-export company of fresh, dried and canned differentiated products, mainly cultivated in the north of the country.

Our Mission: Being an environmentally and socially responsible company that provides a range of differentiated products that meet the needs of the most demanding consumers in international markets. In this way, NOR3PERU guarantee the traceability of the production and marketing chain of the products we offer.








In 2018, NOR3PERU registered its NORLAYA brand that means NORTH QUALITY, indicating primarily that the products – NOR3PERU offers and will offer to our customers, not only comply with international quality standards; but these products are and will always be of a SUPERIOR QUALITY.
At NOR3PERU, we look for the Excellence in the whole processes and products we offer to the client.